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Thank you for visiting East Coast Bolts. We started out on Ebay selling classic car fasteners. Over time our business grew into selling plastic clips and plastic fasteners for newer vehicles. E.C.B also sells plastic clips, nuts and bolts to auto body shops and repair shops.

 We have a complete line of classic car restoration fasteners;these classic nuts and bolts are OEM correct. These bolts are for Mustang, Cougar, Camaro, Chevelle, Nova and Chrysler models for the 60’s thru the 70's.

If you’re in need of chrome fasteners, the E.C.B. has all the chrome nuts and bolts you need. We have a complete line of chrome fasteners, chrome hex head bolts, chrome allen head bolts, chrome button head chrome 12 point, chrome washers. All of our chrome bolts and made in the USA.  

We have a large assortment of stainless steel fasteners. Our stainless steel bolts are perfect for any project. We have stainless Steel hex head, Stainless Button head, stainless steel allen head, stainless steel 12 point, stainless steel washers and Stainless steel screws.


  We have a large assortment of Ford body bolts, Ford u-nuts, GM body bolts and GM u-nuts as well as Chrysler body bolts and u-nuts. We have Ford bumper bolts and GM bumper bolts. Also available is grade 8 bolts and grade 5 bolts and assorted screws and washers.  

Not only do we sell nuts and bolts, we also have Mustang parts. These Mustang parts are made in the USA and are concourse correct. We have Mustang interior parts such as bezels brake pedal pads, exterior parts such as lens, emblems motor mounts etc.

As you can see, E.C.B is your one stop shop for all of your fastener needs.  


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